Bingley Festival 2022

Even a person of my advanced age can have a brilliant time at the many diverse Festivals around the country during the summer months.

I have attended this festival on many occasions over the years and am really looking forward to getting back, following the covid restrictions.

These are some of the reasons that I enjoy going to festivals… 

Festival Fashion

Ahh, the varied world of festival clothing: where fancy dress is the norm, and you can wear pyjamas, and no one bats an eye. Whether you are into shiny leggings or the noble harem pants: if in doubt just wear a silly hat.


It is the reality of festivals in the UK you will need wellies and there are some cool pairs out there. Just make sure you pack them because no one wants to be the one creating a pair out of bin bags and duct tape.


At a festival you will be surrounded by new people – it’s the perfect opportunity to make new friends. Age does not seem to matter. Who knows? Maybe you will meet your new best friend in the queue for the loo.  

Discovering your next favourite band

There is nothing better than wandering up to the discovery stage and discovering your new favourite thing.

Being Part of the Crowd

There is something amazing about being in a crowd of people all singing and dancing along.


So, there might be so many of them that they block the stage – but they are useful landmarks for finding friends and they can be funny.

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