Are Banners & Flags Good For Business?

Let us set the scene – you’re a business-owner or entrepreneur, and you’re wondering: “How do I market my business effectively and creatively?”

Well, at Brook International, we’ve got all the answers. If you’re thinking about what banners or flags could do for you, read on!

In marketing, visibility is one of the most important factors to keep in mind. You could use online platforms to promote your business and services – but you can only go so far without utilising traditional advertising, too. It’s all about keeping it local; traditional advertising complements your digital ads, and amplifies your promotion in your target location.

So, make use of advertising to its full extent. Catch the attention of passers-by in an instant, and increase their curiosity about your business, services, or event with banners and flags! They’re just the ticket for long-term, easy-to-maintain attention-grabbers. 

Which banner or flag is right for you?

Don’t stress – let us help you make the right decision. We’ve got plenty of suggestions for you to choose from! 


Pull-up banners

These are great for trade shows, conferences, or exhibitions because you can display more details, or attention-grabbing images. The vertical orientation of these banners is convenient for smaller spaces. Pull-up banners are best suited for use indoors.

Pop-up banners

This type of banner has several dimensions and types, like a pod, shuttle, or oval. The unconventional shape grabs everyone’s attention. This is a great lightweight option.

Snap-frame display

These are most commonly used in cafés and bars. The display can be changed easily, so it’s great to use if you have a competitor around the area, or if you need to switch up your marketing message.


Feather flags

This is the most common type of flag. It moves with the breeze, which makes for a striking display; perfect for outdoors.

Sailing flags

These have a curved top with a scooped bottom, creating a sailing effect. Like feather flags, this type moves along naturally with the wind.

Teardrop flags

Shaped like an teardrop, these flags are used for promoting sales events and grand openings. These are static compared to feather and sailing flags.

Rectangle flags

These flags are ideal for giving information or promotions with longer text, as they vary in sizes and width. 

How do I create effective banners and flags?

Your banners and flags will reflect your business. Here are some of our top tips for getting it right:

Choose the right colour combo.

Use colours well-associated with your brand or event. Ensure to choose an impactful colour combination by using a contrast of warm and cool colours.

Keep your copy concise.

Fewer words will grab the attention of the audience. White spaces will help make your text legible from a distance.

Use impactful images.

Pick powerful images, or anything that features what you’re promoting. Try not to clutter the space with lots of small images.

Add your logo.

Increase brand visibility by adding your logo, ensuring that passers-by will associate the event with your brand.

Choose quality materials.

If a banner is too light, or can’t block sunlight glare, it won’t help you deliver your message!

That’s where we come in.

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