Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Recycled Textiles

At Brook International we place a great emphasis on the supply of quality products to all our customers, at the same time giving the same consideration to the environment. That is why we have developed a range of Eco-textiles.

All these textiles are produced from 100% recycled polyester. Every ton of fabric produced uses 110,000 plastic bottles, which would normally have been destined to end their life in land fill. Our textiles also carry the recognised OEKO-TEX certificate which means our fabrics have been independently tested to ensure they are free from any substances which could be harmful to human life or damage the environment.

recycling process


Alterra is the recycled alternative to SENFA’s award winning Pearl. Alterra is the number 1 choice for both front and backlit applications, designed for UV printing in mind. Alterra provides the highest definition images with much lower impact on the environment.


Produced from 100% recycled polyester yarn. Altimis is SENFA’s sublimation printable fabric both direct and transfer. Altimis produces striking results in both lightboxes and frame systems. Being produced from 100% recycled yarn, Altimis has the credentials to offer customers an eco- responsible solution to all their marketing and retail campaigns.


Theatre for a long time has been the go to choice for frontlit frame systems. Theatre with its smooth coated surface and white back is suitable for both UV and Latex inks. Theatre is used extensively where quality is essential. Now produced from 100% recycled polyester it is eco-friendly as well.


Produced entirely from 100% recycled yarn, this is an eco-flag manufactured by our partners Soletex. Who have many years of textile manufacture. Eco-flag provides the highest quality images at the same time having maximum ink penetration. Suitable for all ink types, eco-flag is the most versatile recycled flag fabric.


Eco-banner is a heavy knit polyester at 220g per square metre, it is compatible with all ink types from UV to sublimation. Suitable for printing of all banners, roller banners table cloths and much more. Eco-banner is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Being 100% recycled, it is the perfect alternative to PVC.

Low ink flag

This is a 110g per square metre flag fabric produced from 100% polyester. Producing the highest quality images with excellent ink penetration the low ink flag requires 35% less ink than more conventional flag fabrics. By reducing ink consumption this impacts on energy required for fixation, reduces material cost at the same time as helping the environment.