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For some years now Brook International have supplied a woven flag fabric called Heraldic which is used for more specialised ceremonial flags. One customer, Mrs. Parvin Mannering, has used the Heraldic fabric extensively and is happy to recommend this product. Parvin writes:

“Some time ago I discovered Brook International whilst I was searching for Heraldic fabric to make a standard I had a commission for .The samples arrived and were immediately put through their paces from dunking in a mud puddle to spilling water, coffee, milk and wine. To my great delight the fabric stood the tests. 10 washes with the cheapest wash detergent and it still carried the colour and did not need too much attention.

So I went ahead and did a couple of test samples of embroidery, this is not the usual heavy thread and simple designs, far from it. The first one was a badge for 47f Grantham Squadron Air Training Corps and they take no prisoners. The embroidery was fine as it stitched out perfectly, no snagging, pulling or tearing. I was sold. After purchasing the first roll of Heraldic fabric I made the standard and was delighted with the result. The photographs are of a few I have made and are paraded regularly and people are very happy with my work.

I am over the moon with this fabric, it recovers brilliantly when it has been through the machine and does not need ironing all the time to keep it pristine, it washes and still the creases disappear by just line drying. Brook International, whoever was responsible for creating this material, please convey my heartfelt thanks. There are delighted Squadrons and Corps across the country and also in Cyprus who love it. As for me? Well, I would not consider any other fabric. This one is unbeatable.”

Parvin (shown in the photo below standing in front of one of her Heraldic flags with Commandant Air Cadets Dawn McCafferty) has provided us with a number of photos of the various standards she has produced and some of these are also shown below.
For more information on Heraldic flag fabric please contact Brook International. Parvin is on Facebook as Parvin’s Crafts.

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Parvin is on Facebook as Parvin’s Crafts.

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