Brook International are pleased to announce the latest product to join our extensive range of digital and woven fabrics.

Brook Flagliner has been developed in conjunction with a number of our customers. Until now, printers looking to produce double sided flags and banners had no option but to use a heavier polyester to act as a barrier eliminating any show through. This in itself caused a number of issues, it made the flag very heavy and it didn’t fly well, finding something that could easily be sewn into the flag and of course the cost. The brief was to find something less expensive, light and at the same time providing total blockout.

Brook Flagliner is a lightweight woven fabric at just 65g per square metre. The fabric is dual coated with a special silver coating that eliminates show through. The initial field tests have been carried out and they were a resounding success. So much so we have now produced our first pilot batch and limited stocks will be available by the end of May.

Phase 2 is now in planning and this will result in a full production run, with comprehensive stocks to be in our warehouse by the end of July.

For more information on Brook Flagliner call Sales on 01535 639020, or email Chris Drury at

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