To Brexit or not to Brexit? That is the question

What happens next is anyone’s guess. With calls for a second referendum or at least a vote on the final deal, it seems many UK citizens are unhappy with where things are headed. Can Theresa May complete the uphill task? Will Brexit actually happen?

Uncertainty surrounding the post-Brexit world is currently the main worry of many UK businesses.
The majority of Brook International’s wide range of textiles are produced here in the UK.

This will make our products extremely attractive in post-Brexit Britain because:

1) We are able to supply without the predicted delays and import duty associated with goods imported from the EU.

2) We may be able to supply the products which you are currently purchasing from the EU.

3) Because the majority of our fabrics are produced here in the UK, there will be no currency fluctuations for you to worry about.

It’s clear that the UK relies heavily on the EU for our imports and exports. This will probably change once everything is said and done.

The question is just how dramatically things will change because both the UK and the EU will try to get the best deal possible that serves their own interests while also trying to grow. Only time will tell.

If you are concerned about how Brexit will affect your fabric purchasing or for more information on our extensive range of UK produced fabrics, speak with Jan, Chris, Rob or Andrew by calling us on 01535 639020 or email us at

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