Olympic Games: The Old Red, White and Blue Quiz

Fast on the heels of the excitement of the Euro Football Championship, we look ahead to the best athletes in the world chasing gold as they wave their country’s colours at the delayed Olympic Games in Tokyo. 

During the opening ceremony on 23rd July, spectators will witness the traditional parading of the national flags.

But how well do you know all the Flags of the World? 

There are 23 countries in the world whose flags are entirely red, white and blue.

Test your knowledge by guessing the flags below, which we have made black and white to make it just that little bit more challenging.

Email your answers (without cheating) to info@brookinternational.comand we shall see who takes gold, silver and bronze.

The winners will be announced on our Facebook and Linkedin pages with the gold medalist taking home a special prize.

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So, on your marks, get set…quiz!

Flag 1

Flag 2


Flag 3

Flag 4


Flag 5

Flag 6


Flag 7

Flag 8


Flag 9

Flag 10


Flag 11

Flag 12


Flag 13

Flag 14


Flag 15

Flag 16


Flag 17

Flag 18


Flag 19

Flag 20


Flag 21

Flag 22


Flag 23

Send your answers to info@brookinternational.com.

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