Montreal, CA – 4 August 2022: LGBTQ Progress Pride Rainbow Flags in front of Montreal Olympic Stadium

Following our own detailed research, and enquiries from our customers, we are adding Pink and Brown to our portfolio of colours in our 155gsm Woven Polyester flag fabric range.

This will enable our customers to produce an extensive range of Progress Pride flags in our high-quality fabric, rather than using printed materials which do not offer the same vibrancy.

Adding new colours can be a long process. First, we have to identify the correct shades needed – not easy when you realise how many there are!  Then we go to our development team and ask them to produce a number of laboratory dyed samples for us to check.

Once we have the samples, we will then inspect them closely and compare them to the shades we originally identified to ensure they are the best they can be.

We are sometimes comparing a shade pre-printed onto fabric, or even onto paper rather than our woven fabric which will be pre-dyed to the shade required. We go back to the laboratory and ask them to tweak a shade many times before to get what we need. Once this is done, and we are happy with the colours, then we can go into full production.

Initially, the whole process can take up to 10 weeks, mainly due to the production schedule being so busy producing the massive volumes of orders of the colours already in the range. It’s not always easy to find the extra space in the schedule to produce the new colours.  Once the new colours are manufactured and in stock, we will then monitor sales carefully to ensure that as stock is sold, we put more production into the schedule to ensure stock is available ongoing.

Of course, every batch we produce, no matter what the colour is, is inspected and undergoes at least 11 different tests including checking of shade, light fastness, and wet fastness to ensure our customers receive a consistently high-quality product every time.

We plan to have the new pink and brown Woven Polyester flag fabrics available by early autumn 2022.

We will keep you posted!

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