Life after Lockdown at Brook International

Brook International was founded in Bradford in 1898 and has evolved to become one of the key suppliers of quality textiles for the flag and banner market.

During the lockdown, we have managed to maintain all operations albeit with just under half of our staff in the factory, the other half on furlough.

Our customers have been terrific throughout the emergency, and we have in turn tried to support them in any way that we can.

We have donated fabrics to charities that have been making PPE for the local NHS, and we are proud that, in general, we have maintained all aspects of our renowned service levels.

Managing Director Chris Melia commented that he accepted future operations would be very different with remote working having been implemented for those staff who are able to work from home.

We have a new Covid-19 Policy in place in our factory which is working well. The policy has been adhered to and accepted by our staff. He also expects more automation on the shop floor to allow for further social distancing.

“There will be tighter networking and more collaboration among suppliers and customers, as our industry tries to find its way through the new economy and trading conditions,” said Chris.

“There will be opportunities for an independent UK company like Brook International to thrive from the sector’s desire to reduce the supply chain risk.

“Brook International are well placed to drive forward over the next couple of years, with employee welfare and preservation of cash – coupled with an agile approach to matching operational requirements to the ‘new normal’ being absolutely vital.

“Following the end of the emergency Brook International’s future is full of opportunities and developments across many established and emerging markets.”

If you are looking for premium textiles to drive your business forward, give one of our textile experts a call.

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