Let The Flags Fly – The Queen Reaches 90


As we all know, this year sees Her Majesty The Queen celebrate her 90th birthday, and no doubt there will be flags flown throughout the country to mark this wonderful occasion.

We at Brook International, are proud to offer not only a full range of digital print fabrics, but also the more traditional Woven Polyester fabric, used in the ‘cut & sew’ method of flag making. Used, and approved by the Ministry of Defence, our 100% Woven Polyester, available in a large range of colours, has been supplied to flag makers not only throughout the United Kingdom, but to several Commonwealth countries and beyond. Our Woven Polyester Flag fabric continues to be as popular now as it has ever been.

For more information on this fabric please contact us (details below).

The celebrations to mark The Queens 90th Birthday start on the actual day, the 21st April, and continue throughout May and into June culminating on the 12th June with the biggest street party the Mall and St. James’s Park has ever seen. Throughout the celebrations the world will witness all the pomp and ceremony at which the UK excels.

We anticipate that this will include the flying of flags from every flagpole, roof top and street not only in London but all over the country so be sure to have your fabric ordered in good time.

All of us here at Brook International we would like to wish Her Majesty The Queen a very Happy 90th Birthday.


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