EXHIBITION FABRICS – Want to be a show off?

No longer are we restrained by printing techniques, inks or textile media for exhibition fabrics. Textiles are now leading the way for exhibition stands across a very wide range of applications from backdrops to stage events. For example the “One Year To Go” event recently staged by the BBC in Trafalgar Square to launch the unveiling ceremony for the medals to be presented to the winners in the 2012 Olympic Games had a dazzling blue backdrop with logos standing out very clearly, all printed on polyester fabrics.

FI Grand Prix pits are lined with exhibition fabrics clearly displaying the constructors’ different logos and those of their sponsors. These fabrics can be quickly assembled and then taken down afterwards to be moved to the next event. They are easy to assemble, crease resistant and light in weight compared with the PVC fabrics that they have replaced.

Exhibition fabrics come in a wide range of weights and constructions, which allows the exhibitor to show off many different aspects from subtle and mysterious to loud and dynamic depending on the image that is being portrayed.

Using the latest pre treatments on the cleverly engineered polyester exhibition fabrics the colours that can now be produced are extremely vibrant and well defined. The images are razor sharp right down to the smallest detail so that exhibitors can be confident that their message and their image is portrayed in a sophisticated and modern manner that will make them stand out dramatically from the paper or PVC that has been traditionally used in exhibition fabrics.

Knitted and woven polyester fabrics are now available in a wide range of widths from 100cms up to 500cms, which gives great flexibility and also the opportunity to maximise the printing capacity of a wide range of machine types. This also ensures that the prints show the minimum number of seams in a large exhibition stand. It also makes the wrapping of odd shape structures easier and gives more flexibility.
There is no doubt that exhibition fabrics are now making a huge impact and they can be seen on a wide range of stands at any exhibition. They come coated so that they are flame retardant and with a pre treatment, where necessary, to ensure water based disperse dyes give extremely bold colours and high definition.

Make sure your next exhibition stand is a show off too!

Article by Chris Drury

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