Exhibition Fabrics – don’t miss out!

The amount of fabric now being used at exhibitions is increasing on an annual basis. The change from pvc and various other rigid media has been driven from every possible angle with considerable benefits for everyone.

Exhibitors see many advantages of having stand panels, overhead displays and their own product advertising media produced from fabric. With the advances made to pre-treatments such as Brook7 applied to most exhibition fabrics they will now produce the most amazing and stunning colours ever thought possible without any loss of fine line detail.

Exhibitors can chose from fabrics which offer show-through of colour to others which give various levels of opacity and many now use Brook’s own backlit fabric which when illuminated never fails to attract visitors attention. Exhibition fabrics are quicker and therefore cheaper to install, often re-usable making them more cost-effective and so giving the exhibitor the ideal opportunity to emphasise their own green credentials. As most fabrics within the Brook International range come with the added FR option the choices do appear endless.

Exhibition stand designers and builders now prefer to use fabrics as they are easier and smaller to transport to the stand and are less likely to be damaged whilst in transit. Stands can be designed to incorporate product promotion in the most imaginative ways as fabrics can be fabricated into amazing shapes and with the option of illumination will be absolutely eye-catching. Installation of exhibition fabrics whether integral to the stand or forming the product display is considerably quicker and therefore offers cost savings to both installer and exhibitor. With excellent durability fabrics can be removed quickly and safely and are then able to be used over and over again making them even more cost-effective.

Digital printers are increasingly seeing the benefit of gaining new customers and broadening their appeal to existing customers by promoting exhibition fabrics as part of their overall portfolio. The range of stock held by Brook International means that printers obtain a wide range of fabrics suitable for dye-sublimation, UV and Latex printing without delay. Those printers who haven’t yet realised the benefits of using exhibition fabrics are missing a great opportunity that in the meantime others will be exploiting.

Article by Chris Drury

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