Exhibition Fabrics – Choice is unlimited

One of the biggest attractions for using fabrics in exhibitions is that they offer a huge variety of different styles that can show off any product or message in many different ways. Exhibition Fabrics will display your Company Logo, your Company Name, the products you wish to promote, technical and general information and so on in as many ways as you wish.

Exhibition Fabrics offer a wide range of styles with different density, weight, colour, design and can be flame retardant. Width vary from 1.0 metre to 5.0 metres and can be produced in any colour. The flame retardancy can vary from Class 0 on fibreglass to the standard M1, D1 and BS5867 Part B which can be achieved on all Exhibition Fabrics.

The flexibility of fabrics gives exhibitors a great advantage in that the materials can be rolled or folded into a very small and compact space for ease of transport and storage. The pop up display that are now commonly used are perfect for crease resistant fabrics which allow the materials to be folded away time and time again and still look in perfect condition.

A typical use of Exhibition Fabrics is in the pit garages of Formula 1 racing where they will typically set up the garages in a different venue every fortnight. These displays are erected in a very short space of time, displayed for 3-4 days and then packed away into containers and shipped around the world week after week.
They will carry the same print on a number of different Exhibition Fabrics so that they can set up with subtle variations to the appearance of their promotional subjects from venue to venue.

Exhibition Fabrics give the flexibility to produce almost any shape that is required on the stand whether this be at ground level or in high aspect displays that can be seen from a considerable distance away within the exhibition hall.
As well as just being a standard display they lend themselves to being front lit and backlit. Again the flexibility of the fabric design and construction lends themselves perfectly to giving a variety of effects allowing more or less light to come through the fabric.
We produce a Backlight fabric that is perfect for giving the all important even distribution of the light source that ensures the print is beautifully lit up but also shows no image of the light source.

Finally the type of fabrics that are used as Exhibition Fabrics vary significantly if they are used for architectural purposes within an exhibition stand. These fabrics tend to be more substantial and may or may not be printed. They will tend to be shaped to add design and depth to a stand. From the point of view of the gang involved in assembling the stand the flexibility and lightness in weight given by fabrics is a huge bonus. Paper can tear and pvc materials are heavy so the fabric wins from all points of view. Bearing in mind the green credentials of polyester fabrics over pvc and you can start to appreciate why Exhibition Fabrics are no the first choice material of stand designers.

Article by Chris Drury

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