Every day is a flag day for football supporters in EURO 2020

Photo Credit: ©UEFA

It may be a year late, but EURO 2020 is now well underway!

Following the disruption caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, the whole of Europe is ready to celebrate the festival of football. Football fans will be donning national shirts, painting their faces, and flying flags all over Europe.

Host countries include Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Hungary, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Russia, Azerbaijan, Scotland and England.

At every major sporting event, our textiles add to the rainbow of colour on show, and, knowing that our fabric has played a part in this, gives us an immense sense of pride.

Our fabric is used for hundreds of flags on display at Euro 2020, along with the colourful array of promotional material. These flags and banners enhance the tv audience’s matchday experience, as well as promoting famous brands.

We are to ‘go to’ experts for flag and banner textiles (contact us to test us out),

So, when you see a flag or banner flying at Euro 2020, its journey could have started in Yorkshire.

Now onto the most important question: Is football finally coming home?

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