Brook International Are Proud To Announce A Double Win For Our Customers

‘An effective way of improving sustainability is minimising waste. The first step is to review your manufacturing process and pick out any factors which are causing you unnecessary surplus or by-products, then, take the necessary steps to reduce that waste. Our New Flag fabric is more environmentally friendly, and enables impressive cost savings within the print process’, says Brook International Managing Director, Chris Drury.

‘Here at Brook International, we are constantly striving to improve our products and processes to become more Eco Friendly.’

‘We are proud to announce that we have taken a huge step forward in terms of our product’s environmental footprint.’

There are fabrics produced in part using recycled bottles, and we cannot deny that these do help the environment. However, they tend to be of a higher price, and the environmental gains are negated if the finished product ends upon in ‘landfill’ at the end of the print’s life. There is also an increase in environmental cost, due to the additional processes required to convert the bottles into a form that is suitable for the production of the polyester. These processes require additional energy, and, as a result naturally add further costs to the production process.

We have field-tested a new flag fabric and are more than pleased with its results. The fabric produces extremely vibrant images with exceptional show through. Here though is the big benefit that our customers are experiencing –


Therefore, there is an immediate and permanent benefit to both the environment and the cost of production. This is especially important as the cost of ink is rising all the time. There is the added benefit that the heat required to fixate the image is lower, resulting in even further environmental and financial benefits.

At Brook International, we’ve made a commitment to becoming a sustainable company, and our business has grown as a result. We’re always eager to supply our products to, and work with other like-minded companies. So, if you’re interested,  take a look at our product range, and get in touch to discuss your project with our team.

If you would like to know more about this fabric or would like to receive a free sample roll, please contact Chris Drury at or call the Sales Office on +44(0)1535 639020

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