Why is Digital Fabric Printing growing in popularity?

The answer to the question ‘why is digital fabric printing growing in popularity’ is quite simple. It’s because it offers customers an unbeatable choice of fabrics for virtually any application with truly stunning colour reproduction.

This fact has been recognised by end-users, specifiers, designers, architects and digital printers for many years, which is why there is a growing move away from rigid media and towards polyester fabrics. Digital printers have recognised that their portfolio of printable media is not complete without the inclusion of fabrics. They realise that business with existing clients will be jeopardised and business from new clients is unlikely without the option of digital fabric printing being part of their services.

Retail is just one area where the use of polyester fabrics is growing at an amazing rate. Brook International have seen huge demand from their UK & European customer and distributor base for their vast range of indoor fabrics suitable for printing by dye-sublimation, Latex or UV methods.

Fabrics used for soft signage are aesthetically pleasing and offer many advantages such as the option of partial or total opacity with strong and vibrant colours achievable on a wide range of fabrics which are available certified to the latest UK & European FR Flame Retardancy standards. The fact that polyesters are able to be recycled also helps many retailers to promote their own green credentials.

Fabrics are tactile and visually interesting as they vary from being quite open and lightweight to being very dense and heavy, making them ideal for so many different applications. Digital fabric printing is ideal for long runs and especially for short runs where set-up times are kept to a minimum and repeatability is guaranteed. Fabrics are quick and easy to install and can be moved and stored with the minimum of effort.

Digital fabric printing throughout the UK is forecast to boom during 2012 helped by the amount of extra business generated by the London Olympics and the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations. It is expected that there will be an extra high demand for printed flags and banners used outdoors and for a wide variety of indoor fabrics as stores, hotels and leisure outlets in particular increase their demand for print.

Article by Chris Drury

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