Brook International invests in New Technology

Over the last month, Brook International has invested heavily in new cutting edge computer and telephony technology.

We want to empower our employees to keep up with our customer demands in an increasingly fast-paced world.

Here are four areas that new technology will enhance our industry-renowned customer service levels.

1. Speed, Efficiency, and Agility

The new system will speed up our workflow processes, giving our employees the ultimate resource – more time – to focus on the important work of helping our customers. We recognise that Brook International can’t afford to move at 2015 pace in 2020.







2. Storage and Sharing

Our employees should never have to waste time looking for files. The new technology will streamline information storage and sharing. This is vital not only for efficiency but also for security.






3. Mobility and Remote Connectivity

With the growth of the work from the home economy, we need to have the ability for our employees to access our technology systems remotely. During the current health emergency, this gives us the ability to continue to offer our full range of quality textiles, even if we are not able to attend the office.






4. Communication

There’s a reason that computers replaced typewriters, emails replaced paper mail and faxes! Communication is king. Companies are constantly looking to improve and accelerate communication, and our new IT facility has been installed with that need in mind.

Investing in new systems will help us to streamline both our internal and external communication – with customers and suppliers – so that everyone is always in the loop.


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