Brook International are delighted to offer sponsorship of a national initiative for local children

Although our products are delivered across the world, we are proud of our local community in Keighley. There’s no place like home!

That is why we are pleased to announce Brook international will be sponsoring a Road, Fire, Bullying & Online Safety initiative for our local primary school in Sutton In Craven, through The Prevention Foundation.

The initiative is to raise awareness in primary schools, by supplying teachers with classroom activity resources. This aims to help make children aware of the dangers associated with Roads, House Fires, Bullying & Online Safety.

The Prevention Foundation is a national resource dedicated to arming youngsters with the information that will help them live happy, healthy and successful lives.

Managing Director Chris Melia said: “We are very proud to be presented with the opportunity to sponsor such an initiative, to highlight the potential dangers children in our community could be exposed to. With the return of primary school children to the classroom this week, we wanted to contribute to the sterling work our teachers carry out each and every day.

We are a company rooted in our local community and the people within it form the base of our workforce. The work “The Prevention Foundation” do is vital to educating our young people of practical dangers that they may encounter now, and later in life.

It is our hope that the children benefitting from the initiative will grow up feeling more confident within themselves and secure in the community.”

To learn more about this great initiative, click the button below

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